Publish & Sell My Book

There are 3 steps involved in publishing and selling a book

1. Publishing

2. Promotion

3. Distribution

If you would like to publish and sell your book read on to find out what we can do to help make it happen.

Print Book Publishing

If you want to print your book and either don’t intend to sell it, or intend to sell it to people directly then no ISBN is required. However, if you plan to sell your book via third-party sales channels such as bookstores, online channels like our bookstore, Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, iBooks etc. an ISBN is needed. An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a product number used by publishers, booksellers, libraries and online retailers for ordering, listing, sales records and stock control purposes. It’s very straightforward to get an ISBN but we’ll be there to guide you through the steps anyway.

Legal Depository

It is the statutory obligation for publishers and distributors to give at least one copy of every publication, free of charge to the designated legal deposit libraries. The libraries are:
The National Library of Ireland
Trinity College Dublin
University of Limerick
Dublin City University
The British Library
University College Cork
University College Dublin
NUI Galway
Maynooth University
The book may also be requested by
The Bodleian Library, Oxford
The University Library, Cambridge
The National Library of Scotland
The National Library of Wales

What does it mean for me?
If you are only printing a book then you’re off the hook. But if you plan to publish also you will require 13 extra copies in order for it to be sent to the list of libraries above.

Why do I have to do this?
It’s the law. However there are benefits to legal deposits such as the works of authors and publishers (like yourself) that get sent to libraries will survive for the use of future generations. Imagine someone coming across your book in the library someday and picking it up to bring it home to read- exciting stuff no? Additionally your work would receive wide exposure since there will be a copy in 13 libraries across Ireland and the U.K.- pretty impressive sounding!

What we can do
We will organise the deposit of your book to these libraries by taking the 13 copies out of your print order so you don’t need to worry about it, we got you covered.

Once your book has been published, the next step in your author journey is promoting your book! It might seem daunting but have no fear- the expert in anything was once a beginner! Here how we can help you sell your book.

Promotion Packages

We can provide you with posters, invites and business cards to spread the word about your book launch in your local area, with your network and friends and family.
We will promote your book on our social media platforms for free- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube. We can also help you build your online presence which helps you increase your presence and reach on the web which allows more people to find out about your book and buy it!

Our online bookshop

It can be difficult to navigate the world of selling online, as well as getting your book on the shelf in a bookshop, especially as a self-publisher. So we have our own bookshop to allow you to sell your book online. After your book is printed, we can keep some stock in our workshop and list them in our online bookshop. You simply share the link to this bookshop with your family, friends and network and if a book is purchased we will post it to them. Our bookshop allows you an online presence as an author, helps you manage storage of your books and gets you the best margin for your book.

Does all of this sound good to you?