Print My Book

There are 5 steps involved in printing a book

1. Consultation

2. Editing

3. Formatting

4. Designing

5. Printing

Read on for more information about what we do to guide you through the process and help bring your book to life.


Proofreading is when the final version of manuscript, which has been edited, laid out, and designed, is checked for errors. Proofreading involves looking for minor text and formatting errors like:
- Misspelling
- Style inconsistencies
- Layout inconsistencies
- Confusing page and word breaks
- Incorrect captions on any images and page numbers in the table of contents

Once the manuscript has been proofread it is ready for printing.


Interior Book Design & Page Layout
The interior layout of a book is as important as the cover. By having the interior format correct i.e. chapter heads, copyright pages, headers and footers being styled, your book looks professional and like it was managed by a major publishing company. These details will make your book stand up to any other book on the shelf of a book shop.

Image Insertion
If you are including illustrations, photos, tables, charts or diagrams in your book we can help adjust them to fit perfectly into your book.

Illustration & Design

Custom Cover Design
Although people say ‘Don't judge a book by its cover’ unfortunately they do. To give the best impression to your reader you need a cover that will draw your reader to pick up your book. If you already have a cover then great! But if you want professional designers our team can help design a cover that suits your book best.

Custom Back Cover
An engaging front cover is important as it often makes a potential reader flip over to the back cover. However the back cover should not be wasted as it's often the last chance to sell your book before a reader decides to buy it or moves on. Our professional designers can help you create a custom designed back cover which can keep your reader engaged and enables your book to get its message across and draw in your reader.


Paperback black & white printing
Paperback black & white printing is great for all kinds of books but is particularly suitable for novels, biographies, non-fiction books, history books, textbooks, children’s books and poetry books.

Paperback colour printing
If your book is full of graphs, photos or illustrations then we’d recommend printing in colour so as to really make them pop. Paperback colour printing is great for all kinds of books but is particularly suitable for non-fiction books, cookbooks, photography books, history books, textbooks, yearbooks, children’s books, magazines, and newsletters. If your book only has a couple of photos or illustrations then we would recommend a mix of black & white and colour to keep costs down for you.

Hardback printing
If you want your book to be particularly durable and more resistant to shelf wear we recommend hardback printing. Hardback printing is particularly suited to novels, biographies, cookbooks, photography books, textbooks, yearbooks and children’s books.

Our mission is to make you look good. We want all books we produce to look like a bestseller and last a lifetime.

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